Deliver Impact in Africa

The PfAL Foundation is committed to realizing a positive and tangible impact upon the lives of African communities, as well as a transformational effect on the individuals selected to attend the PfAL program each year.

In late 2012, PfAL alumni from across the first two cohorts worked together to produce their own leadership code – a set of guiding principles and commitments to which they could individually and collectively adhere.

All new scholarship recipients and incoming program attendees also sign up to this code, which pledges a commitment to deliver impact in Africa through:

  • Supporting initiatives that reduce poverty in a sustainable, non-dependent manner.
  • Fostering social justice and human rights on the Continent.
  • Strengthening and mobilizing the voices of African citizens at national, regional and international levels.
  • Promoting Africa intellectualism, storytelling, expertise, higher education and research.
  • Fostering environments where young Africans can reach their full potential.
  • Empowering and mentoring others to take up leadership within their areas of influence.
  • Providing an enabling environment where women have equal opportunities to succeed.

We will work to facilitate and encourage both individual and collaborative action across the PfAL Network towards delivering impact in these key areas. We will monitor and review the success or otherwise of our efforts on a periodic basis, in particular over the course of the Africa Forum each year. Learn more about our impact