We’re helping emerging leaders fulfill their potential


The PfAL Foundation’s principal activities are twofold:

  • Fund scholarships that enable emerging African leaders to attend a one-year graduate degree program and a bespoke lecture series at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).
  • Fund and support the PfAL Network – a network of emerging leaders across Africa that have successfully completed a PfAL program at LSE or one of its partner institutions.

The PfAL program model is outlined below:


Identify and recruit bright African talent with leadership potential.

PfAL runs an extra-curricular leadership-focused program at the London School of Economics that brings together circa 60 high potential African graduate students from across LSE.  Learn More »


Provide access to world-class education to develop confidence and leadership capability.

Full or partial scholarships are provided where necessary to successful PfAL applicants undertaking a Master’s degree offered by the Department of International Development. Scholarship recipients will also attend a bespoke seminar series. Learn More »


Create leadership network to share best practices and ideas.

Graduates of the PfAL program become members of the PfAL Network and gain access to the experience, advice, support and feedback of their peers across the continent. The PfAL Network will meet once a year in Africa at the Africa Forum. Learn More »


Ensure we deliver impact in Africa.

PfAL aims to deliver impact in key areas such as sustainable poverty reduction, opportunities for youth, leader development, gender equality, and promoting African knowledge and expertise. Our candidates are already making significant individual contributions in their communities and organisations, and the PfAL Foundation works to ensure they can also maximize their impact as a group. Learn More »