Identify and Recruit

PfAL seeks to identify and recruit those with the ability, drive and potential to become leaders within their organizations, communities and countries within Africa.

Highest standards

All applicants to the PfAL program go through the rigorous graduate selection process at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where a demanding set of entry criteria are applied in order to shortlist the very best candidates. Candidates for PfAL funding must be able to demonstrate academic ability, leadership potential, determination to succeed and desire to effect change. Additionally, preference is given to candidates who have not previously studied outside of Africa.

PfAL 2015

The 2015/16 recruitment cycle was again open to applicants from across sub-Saharan Africa, with 15 places reserved for applicants from Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda.  Eligible masters programs were added, including all taught masters programs offered or jointly offered by the Department of International Development and excluding the two-year Masters of Public Administration program.

Over 400 applications were submitted, and with generous additional funding by LSE, 23 awards were made to candidates from Ghana, Namibia, Sudan and Liberia in addition to the trio of nationalities above.  The group is projected to grow to circa 60 students when the PfAL@LSE program begins in November 2015.

PfAL 2014

For September 2014 entry, recruitment was open to applicants from across all of sub-Saharan Africa but 15 places were reserved for applicants from Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda to continue the building of a strong Network hub in those countries.  There was huge interest once again, with almost 300 people applying.  With additional funding generously made available by LSE, a total of 20 awards were made and included candidates from Ghana, Nigeria and Zimbabwe in addition to the trio of nationalities above.

In December 2014, the PfAL@LSE program was launched to connect African graduate students studying across LSE. The program consisted of monthly events aimed to challenge, educate and inspire students and to provide an opportunity for them to reflect on their own development as future leaders of African organizations and communities. Including those who received a Lalji PfAL scholarship, circa 54 students joined the program.

PfAL 2013

The 2013 PfAL recruitment cycle focused on three countries, Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda. These neighboring countries were chosen with the aim of founding a strong hub for the fledgling PfAL Network in one region, with the ultimate goal of expanding across the continent on the same basis.

The 2013 recruitment cycle was highly competitive, with more than 160 applications for just 15 places available. These 15 scholarship places were generously funded by the Firoz and Najma Lalji Foundation. An additional 11 scholarships were subsequently made available through funding provided by LSE, resulting in a total of 26 scholarships being awarded.

PfAL 2012

In its first year 2012, a shorter-format PfAL admitted 54 successful applicants from across 22 African countries, many of whom already hold senior leadership positions within their organizations.

Can I apply now?

Recruitment for the 2015-16 academic year was completed in June 2015.  We have not yet opened applications for the 2016-17 intake.  If you are interested in applying for future cycles, please sign up to our mailing list to receive news on when the next recruitment cycle opens.