By Donnas Ojok (PfAL4, Uganda)

Social entrepreneurship now takes centre stage at global forums, like at the recent meeting of the World Economic Forum. From big European cities to small African villages, social enterprises are springing up and daring to address some of the most daunting challenges of our time. Indeed, “It is now becoming cool to make a difference,” noted Tim O’Reilly.

Its proponents argue that social entrepreneurship presents a plethora of opportunities which, when exploited, will lift millions of people out of the so-called poverty trap. Critics, however, point out that the unavailability of appropriate market incentives, which is a common characteristic of most social enterprises, might actually limit their potential to sustainably solve development challenges.

Regardless of which side one takes, these debates provide insights into the social enterprise concept in general, as well the search for solutions to Africa’s poverty challenge in particular.

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